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  • The Single Piece Of Advice That Changed The Course Of My Career

    When I started my last corporate job, I asked experienced co-workers for advice and best-practices, and most of them told me something like: “Try to get in front of important people.”

    That’s corporate code for sucking up.

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    credits to: Darius Foroux
    category: Career Advise
    published: Jan 21, 2023|379 views
  • How you can start a career in a different field without “experience” — tips that got me job offers from Google and other tech giants

    Last week I talked about how you can land a 6-figure job in tech with no connections by generating referrals from people ... read more

    credits to: Austin Belcak
    category: Career Advise
    published: Dec 17, 2022|429 views
  • How to Think About Your Career

    If you had asked 22-year-old me what my “career aspirations” were, I would have looked at you blankly and then casually changed the subject to what programs you’d recommend to model cute 3D bunnies for a video game.

    It’s not that I didn’t think about my career at ... read more

    credits to: Julie Zhuo
    category: Blog
    published: Nov 27, 2022|295 views
  • The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science

    It has been over three years since Steve Jobs died.

    Since then, books have been written and movies have been made.

    Each has celebrated his legacy and aimed to share the secrets he used to build the largest company i... read more

    credits to: Michael Simmons
    category: Career Advise
    published: Oct 23, 2022|322 views
  • Don’t Pick A Career — Create One

    One of the most important career lessons I’ve learned is to pursue a career and not a job. At first glance, you might think, “What’s the difference?” I also didn’t get it for years.

    That’s how I finally ended up in an IT job... read more

    credits to: Darius Foroux
    category: Career Advise
    published: Sep 10, 2022|479 views
  • These are the coding languages you should learn in 2022

    With the new year approaching, it becomes even more critical to look at new opportunities within the technology sector. With IT’s continuing fast development and employers seeking more talent with a diverse skillset — what better way to start 2022 than by learning a new coding language?

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    credits to: Makers
    category: Career Advise
    published: Aug 07, 2022|120 views
  • The 7 Emails You Should Send Every Week to Get Ahead in Your Career

    ost people see email as a strictly transactional tool, using it only when they need something or owe someone something. That’s exactly why you should use it to stand out.

    Taking a moment to send these seven emails every week can help you strengthen your ... read more

    credits to: Michael Thompson
    category: Career Advise
    published: Jun 11, 2022|124 views
  • I Quit My Job and Tripled My Income in One Year Without Selling My Soul

    Gather round and let me teach you how to manifest millions in the bank, super-yachts, and a diamond-encrusted banana hanger.

    Just kidding: this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or some woo-woo-workshop. Instead, here’s a list of 12 things that have di... read more

    credits to: olga Pope
    category: Career Advise
    published: May 14, 2022|195 views
  • Best Career Advice I Ever Heard

    It’s half a year ago. I am mentally going through the most difficult time in my life. I am on a sixth phone call in a row with the Education Desk of the University of Amsterdam, desperately changing back and fourth my degree choice for the new academic year. It was on August 31st, right in the last... read more

    credits to: Piotr Lipiński
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 30, 2022|165 views
  • What You Can Learn About Remote Employee Onboarding From a Company That's Been Doing It for Years

    The initial days and weeks at a new job are critical for new hires to get acquainted with your company culture, meet the people they'll be working with regularly, and start to get a sense of their day-to-day responsibilities.

    Typically, this is all happening in an office environment where people can engage and interact directly. But... read more

    credits to: Kayla Ellman
    category: Career Advise
    published: May 08, 2020|1326 views
  • 7 Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

    As companies increasingly rely on online engagement to fuel their businesses, the field of digital marketing is more important than ever. Whether your background is in crunching numbers and analyzing data, in editorial where storytelling and content strategy are your specialties, or in PR or brand representation protecting the best interests ... read more

    credits to: Shelby Simon
    category: Career Advise
    published: May 06, 2020|651 views
  • 9 Questions You'll Probably Get Asked in a Software Engineer Interview (and How to Answer Them)

    It’s a good day. After weeks of radio silence and anticipation, you’ve finally landed a first-round interview for that software engineer position you’ve had your fingers and toes crossed for. You managed to impress the company on paper and now they want to continue the conversation. Congrats!
    Now what?

    Le... read more

    credits to: Yolanda M. Owens
    category: Career Advise
    published: May 04, 2020|496 views
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Answering the Most Common Interview Questions

    Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what questions a hiring manager would be asking you in your next job interview?

    We can’t read minds, unfortunately, but we’ll give you the next best thing: a list of more than 40 of the most commonly asked interview questions, along with advice for answering them all.

    Whil... read more

    credits to: The Muse
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 23, 2020|1391 views
  • Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Perfect Resume (With Examples!)

    Your resume is arguably the most valuable piece of paper for your career. But this document can be daunting for many. Maybe you’re not sure how to fit in all your information onto one page. Maybe you’re not sure about the right way to format and write your resume. Maybe you don’t even know what the heck a resume is!

    Wh... read more

    credits to: Alyse Kalish
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 06, 2020|686 views
  • 48 Questions That'll Make Awkward Small Talk So Much Easier

    How many times per week do you find yourself participating in small talk about topics you have no interest in or have already discussed a million times—just for something to say? Whether it’s waiting for a really slow read more

    credits to: Aja Frost
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 04, 2020|531 views
  • 5 Skills From Your Previous Career That’ll Help You Transition Into Tech

    You don’t have to be a numbers whiz or child prodigy who taught yourself to code as a kid to pursue a career in software engineering. In fact, having a background in a completely different industry can be an advantage if you want to work in tech. Just ask read more

    credits to: Adam Erace
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 02, 2020|446 views
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Reinventing Your Career in 2020

    It’s New Year’s resolution season, so you’re likely thinking about making some life changes—Go to the gym more! Eat healthier!—in the coming months. You may even find the courage to finally pursue that career change you’ve been mulling over. And you wouldn’t be alone. In a recent survey, about a third... read more

    credits to: Kate Ashford
    category: Career Advise
    published: Feb 28, 2020|485 views
  • 10 Essential Tips for Using Social Media to Help Your Career, Not Hurt It

    Sure, you love to post pictures of your vacation antics or your kid's first day of school. But social media can also be a powerful tool for your professional life. You can use it to build your personal brand, grow your network, establish yourself as an expert in your field, or give prospective employers a glimpse into your personality. read more

    credits to: Kate Ashford
    category: Career Advise
    published: Feb 26, 2020|608 views
  • 4 Types of Questions You’ll Be Asked in a Brand Management Interview (and How to Answer Them)

    Congrats on landing a brand management interview! Now that you’ve got one toe in the door, I’m here to help you make your very best impression.

    As an MBA student, I spent hours prepping and interviewing for brand management positions. Now a brand strategist, I work as a consultant to develop business brands and help corporat... read more

    credits to: Rebecca Horan
    category: Career Advise
    published: Feb 24, 2020|462 views
  • How to Build a Career You’ll Love (Through All of Life’s Twists and Turns)

    Peering out of the window of a skyscraper in New York City at the people hurriedly rushing to their jobs, I felt a sinking feeling in my gut. Just moments ago, I was one of them, and this had been my routine every day over the course of my career: dash to work to do a job that, even on the best days, felt like I was spinning my wheels. Deep d... read more

    credits to: Ariane Hunter
    category: Career Advise
    published: Feb 21, 2020|487 views
  • These 4 Tips Will Take Your Interview Prowess to the Next Level

    When it comes to job interviews, you already know all of the standard advice.

    You should do plenty of research beforehand, prepare answers for the most commonly asked questions, and show up dressed and ready (please, iron that shirt of yours) to put your v... read more

    credits to: Kat Boogaard
    category: Job Search
    published: Feb 19, 2020|460 views
  • How Big Data Can Make or Break Your Job Search

    We've all been there. You pour your energy into a new resume and craft the perfect cover letter. After anxiously pressing “submit" on the online application, you wait—and wait, and wait.

    But you never... read more

    category: Job Search
    published: Feb 17, 2020|439 views
  • Acing Your Next Job Interview

    “A good rule of thumb to remember when interviewing is that every interview is about the company and how you will fit in.”

    Interview preparations are stressful. We google how to prepare for interviews and learn what questions we should be expec... read more

    credits to: Lade
    category: Career Advise
    published: Feb 17, 2020|522 views
  • 4 References You Can Nail Down—Even if You Don’t Have a Lot of Experience

    Look at you! You’ve got the perfectly polished resumea cover letter for every job you want to apply to,... read more

    credits to: Stacey Lastoe
    category: Job Search
    published: Sep 27, 2019|677 views
  • The Unspoken Rules of Job Searching in January

    I don’t have to tell you that January is quite the kick-starting month. Exhibit A: Have you noticed how packed your gym suddenly gets every January due to fitness-related resolutions?

    But it’s also a big time of year for careers. See, plenty of us have just spent the holidays reevaluating our goals (and having to talk about ... read more

    credits to: Alyse Kalish
    category: Job Search
    published: Sep 26, 2019|494 views
  • Should You Get an MBA? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

    To go to B school or to not go to B school—that is the question. Or at least, that’s probably the question you’re weighing in your head right now (or why else would you be reading this?).

    Too many times I’ve seen people jump into the business school application process without reflecting upon why th... read more

    credits to: Shaifali Aggarwal
    category: Career Advise
    published: May 14, 2019|670 views
  • Why Your Job Search Should Start With Companies, Not Roles—and What That Looks Like

    When Kate Gardner was laid off from her job as a magazine editor, she wasn’t sure what to do next. She tried freelancing for a month or so, but the instability of it ultimately made her want to hop back into a full-time job at a company she really liked (and could see herself at for a while).

    So she started job searching—but... read more

    credits to: Abby Wolfe
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 26, 2019|618 views
  • Why You Should Never Stop Learning (Especially At Work)

    Imagine you have nearly 15 years of experience under your belt and have earned regular promotions throughout your career. Naturally, you’d probably feel that you were up to speed in your field. That’s the situation Toby Barnard found him... read more

    credits to: Anne Shaw
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 25, 2019|565 views
  • Daydream About Rage Quitting? Here’s What to Do Instead

    If you’ve ever struggled with a condescending boss, difficult colleagues, or work that feels like a soul-destroying slog, you might have fantasized about “rage quitting.” Maybe you even scripted the scene in your head—telling off your manager, cursing out that impossible client, or letting your co-worker know ... read more

    credits to: Elizabeth Alterman
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 15, 2019|813 views
  • How to Maintain Work-Life Balance When Your Hours Aren't 9-5

    Work-life balance can be elusive under the best job circumstances, but when you work non-traditional hours—whether you’re in a client-facing role, you have a busy season (hi accountants!), or you’re facing a big project deadline—finding time for the people and things you love can be even more difficult.

    After all... read more

    credits to: Erika Janes
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 12, 2019|499 views
  • 5 Telltale Signs You’re Burnt Out at Work (and What to Do About Them)

    I can recall one specific time in my career when things became really—I mean really—difficult.

    Trudging to my desk each morning felt like a feat of superhuman strength. Once I actually made it there, I’d stare at my laptop screen for minutes on end, just willing myself to get something ... read more

    credits to: Kat Boogaard
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 10, 2019|1008 views
  • These 4 Tips Will Take Your Interview Prowess to the Next Level

    When it comes to job interviews, you already know all of the standard advice.

    You should do plenty of research beforehand, prepare answers for the most commonly asked questions, and show up dressed and ready (please, iron that shirt of... read more

    credits to: Kat Boogaard
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 09, 2019|524 views
  • Want to Change Career Paths? Here's How to Make a Pivot

    Many of us start at our first job out of college thinking it will set us up for the rest of our career. And stepping off that path seems like a huge risk. When you’re on a straight and narrow career path, it’s easy to panic if you want to make a change.

    The good news is that these kinds of pivots can make ... read more

    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 08, 2019|485 views
  • 7 Ways to Find the Answer to "What Should I Do With My Life?"

    What should I do with my life?

    Unlike so many other questions you have about your career, this one’s not quite as easy to Google. (Or—shameless plug—to look up on The Muse.)

    The good news is, you’re not alone—in fact, I’ll guarantee that everyone has pondered their read more

    credits to: Lily Herman
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 05, 2019|451 views
  • Stop Looking for Your Life's Purpose and Do This Instead

    For most of my life, I’ve anxiously wondered about my “life’s purpose.”

    Why am I here? What’s the greater meaning of my life? What’s the message I’m here to impart? What’s the point of my existence? And so on.

    I’ve consulted with astrologers, Tarot card readers, career coaches,... read more

    credits to: Alexandra Franzen
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 04, 2019|472 views
  • How to Sell Yourself as an Employee After Being an Entrepreneur

    Let’s face it—running a business is hard work. And if you decide that your business has run its course, you’ve successfully exited, or you’re just tired of the daily grind, it can be difficult to move on. Plus, the idea of “getting back into the job market” can be even more daunting.

    Aside from where ... read more

    credits to: Calvin Wright
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 04, 2019|574 views
  • 5 Answers From 5 Real People on Why You Keep Getting Rejected From Jobs

    Muse readers are constantly asking us: Why do I keep getting rejected from jobs?

    It’s a common question without an easy answer—and that’s why we’re so happy that we could get five opinions from five real people on the possible reasons why.


    1. Make Sure You’re Prepared

    ... read more

    credits to: Elle Griffin
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 03, 2019|493 views
  • 3 Better Ways to Start a Networking Email Than “Remember Me?”

    I’m all about being upfront when you network. It’s helpful to be honest about why you’re reaching out (for example, you’re going through a job search or moving to a new city). It can combat nerves and h... read more

    credits to: Sara McCord
    category: Career Advise
    published: Apr 01, 2019|506 views
  • 6 Pretty Clear Signs You’re Being Taken Advantage of at Work

    One hard truth about being successful is this: You have to go above and beyond. And personally, I’ve always taken this to heart. I’ve worked longer hours than was expected of me, said yes to almost every project, and spent way too much time perfecting assignments.

    However, I’m also aware that this work ethic puts me in... read more

    credits to: Alyse Kalish
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 29, 2019|762 views
  • 10 Brilliant Tips for Dealing With a Difficult Boss

    In an ideal world, we would all have fantastic managers—bosses who helped us succeed, who made us feel valued, and who were just all-around great people. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. But, whether the person you work for is a micromanager, has anger management problems, read more

    credits to: The Muse Editor
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 29, 2019|637 views
  • How to Go Down a Career Path That's Outside Your Speciality (That You Spent Years Studying)

    If you find yourself wondering why you majored in psychology, philosophy, or biology, when the truth is, none of those are fields you care to pursue, you’re in good company. The nagging feeling that you’re not suited read more

    credits to: Nisha Ahluwalia
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 28, 2019|472 views
  • 7 Qualities That Make a Good Mentor (and How to Find Someone Who Has Them All)

    You’ve heard it again and again: Everyone needs a mentor in their career, if not several. Just like you want the kind of friends who can successfully guide you through life’s twists and turns—like how much you should spend on your next apartment or whether or not you should get bangs—you want people who can provide tha... read more

    credits to: Alyse Kalish
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 27, 2019|513 views
  • The Risky Steps You Have to Take Today if You Want a Career You Love

    No one I know has ever claimed that changing jobs, making a major career transition, and figuring out what it is you truly want to do is a piece of cake. While it may not require blood, sweat, and tears exactly, a career pivot undoubtedly requires deep self-reflection, hard work, and, drumroll, please: risk-taking.

    Because you don&rsquo... read more

    credits to: Stacey Lastoe
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 25, 2019|429 views
  • 4 Ways Your Perfectionism Is Killing Your Job Search

    After months of unemployment, one of my career coaching clients desperately needed a new job, but she wanted to make sure it was in a field she loved. So, we re-did her resume and read more

    credits to: Abby Wolfe
    category: Job Search
    published: Mar 21, 2019|489 views
  • 8 Super Motivating Career Books Written by Women—for Everyone

    No matter where you are in your career, sometimes you need a little help to really shine at work. Whether you’re looking for friendly advice on meeting a specific challenge or a kick in the pants to totally transform your career, you can often find that help in a great book.

    But where to even start? We’ve done the research f... read more

    credits to: Suzanne Skyvara
    category: Blog
    published: Mar 20, 2019|452 views
  • How to Land a Job in Your Dream Industry, From a Woman Who Did Just That

    When Marchelle Johnson, a native of Michigan, finished college and received her masters in human resources, most of her friends were getting jobs at the nation’s top automotive companies. When you’re from Michigan, that’s just what you do—cars are part of the state’s bloodstream, for better or worse.

    But Ma... read more

    credits to: Bill McCool
    category: Job Search
    published: Mar 19, 2019|509 views
  • Getting Fired From My First Job Led Me to Find My Career Path

    During Tristan Layfield’s first year after college, he worked as a research technician at a university near Detroit. Eight months in, he took a Friday off to visit Chicago with a friend. Before he left, he submitted his time sheet.

    That Thursday, though, there was a glitch in the system. He could only record regular working hours,... read more

    credits to: Abby Wolfe
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 18, 2019|460 views
  • 5 Tips for Non-Awkward Informational Interviews

    Maybe it’s because the name itself conjures images of your career counselor in high school. Or, maybe it’s the fact that most of us have only been on the interviewee side of the table, and never the interviewer.

    Either way, if you haven’t done them before, informational interviews can be one of the more awkward aspects... read more

    credits to: Jennifer Winter
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 15, 2019|719 views
  • A New Approach to Figure Out What You're Meant to Do

    Way back in school, when you first thought about the working world, I bet you had a pretty limited view of what kinds of jobs existed: Doctor, teacher, lawyer, and, maybe accountant.

    But even though, you eventually learned that there were lots of other careers out there, you probably still had a limited view of read more

    credits to: Scott A. Barlow
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 14, 2019|583 views
  • 5 Ways Remote Workers Can Build Their Networks (and Skyrocket Their Careers)

    Working from home can be awesome; you have more freedom and flexibility, you don’t have to commute, and let’s be real—an occasional conference call in your PJ’s certainly isn’t terrible.

    I’ve been working from home for the past three years—and for the most part, I love it. But when you’re ... read more

    credits to: Deanna deBara
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 13, 2019|745 views
  • 7 Things Killing Your Productivity Today (That Are Completely Out of Your Control)

    You’re having a bad day. A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. You’re not getting anything done, and your self-esteem’s taking a hit. I get it. Alexander gets it. We all have our reasons f... read more

    credits to: Alyse Kalish
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 12, 2019|385 views
  • 9 Steps to Validate a Business Idea in 30 Days with Less Than $500 (My Validation Challenge)

    During the month of December 2016, I embarked on a 30-day challenge to validate a business idea, limiting myself to spending less than $500 to make that happen.

    I asked you to tell me what idea I should validate, too. The consensus: A hiking guide for California.

    The challenge was a maj... read more

    credits to: Ryan Robinson
    category: Blog
    published: Mar 07, 2019|767 views
  • 101 Best Side Business Ideas to Start While Working Full-Time (in 2019)

    No matter how rewarding your full-time job may be, finding the right side business ideas and eventually becoming fully self-employed is even more meaningful than great pay and solid benefits.

    Choosing the path of entrepreneurship, and working on your side business idea, is without a doubt riskier tha... read more

    credits to: Ryan Robinson
    category: Career Advise
    published: Mar 01, 2019|3863 views